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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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is interested can navigate to the spot without sloan the traffic behind you i'm here to present this solution to the city and i love for the city to use it i have a lot of ideas how to collaborate to check with the city about it >> thank you. thank you >> oh, if i have my questions we'll be happy to take them. >> (calling names). >> madeline polk's founder yeah. i want to relay this story we continue to work with the best possible actions not only for polk street but san francisco and try to insure the accurate funding is there to forward the best proposals 10 nights ago an acquaint tenant
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raising was approaching her doorstep there was one serial crasher one was a young man cholehis bicycle and there was a huge amount of blood spilled the young victim a 29-year-old employee tied died she kept repeating i'm so angry i have no response. then my 25-year-old son called and i felt saved by the bell it was no a response i couldn't exchange chitchat and if one or another young stranger could be nextal also 9 disaster preparedness for years ago
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there's an ongoing disaster ralph happening in our streets we have to take action because one of us will be >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> thank you mark. you might have seen news reports about a new taxi driver organization the taxi workers alliance that's been formed with the obtain of joining the workers alliance a we're happy about bringing together factors into one organization with strong labor backing we feel this b will help the drivers and the industry to meet the
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challenge and this is in the best interest of the city and the public the city has a vial interest in service for the disabled community and guarantees sufficient insurance passengers and bicyclists and other motors under all circumstances allowing the taxi drivers to earn a nice wage and prompting a healthy taxi industry where taxis can parking meter in all those areas we're with you the city of san francisco are you with thank you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> hi good afternoon. >> thank you fire letting me speak i'm the member of the a s
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country i u i've been in california for 25 years i'd like to ask mile fellow union brothers and sisters to please stand up thank you. thank you director edward reiskin for listening to our concerns the mta accrual in the - he it's a multiplied million dollars contract my coworkers take pride in protecting protection for the city of san francisco a because we struggle to make ends meet and can't afford cuts in our benefits we appreciate you throughout this process and look forward to working with you for the skrrld
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have worked hard >> thank you. next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. good afternoon directors i'm w the president of cab company i wanted to talk about my next door neighbor they just moved from baltimore he has put a pink mustache on his hatchback picking up people for money he asked memo hey, do you know if caesar chavez and the other street run parallel. yeah, they run parallel (laughter) there are 7 to 10 thousand vehicles that are personal cars acting like taxis 7 to 10 thousand. it is making a mockery of the
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rules of the 2000 taxis in service we have to follow 25 percent of taxis are sitting in the yards people that would otherwise get a cab the licensed can be driefrgz ever drivers are shrinking people don't feel they have to go through a background check and download an app and do the same thing we're doing a company like ours is facing going out of business with a strong regulation and our new competition didn't have to follow the rules or retool the business you're seeing some of the exaggerated but i have no choice at this point i'm either going to go out of business or have to remodel my business
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where the competition don't have to play by the the same rules we need hem when it gets to the slow time in january >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you. i thought i'm a co- could cab driver but i look at you, your the bulk of the co- co- when you look at the traffic you have too many accidents and you don't have any oversight about your job i will bring you to the policy you are making unfairness you're playing by your rules the medallion but the guy just get
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into it, too years ago but the driver thirty years old make the payment he is making the payment but he is still making the permit free give to the people driver not signed to buy a medallion they get a free from you now. i saw it happening now you're making too groups of drivers one is a winner and one a losseser the t line losses this program but now you see a lot of drivers in the struggler in the wintertime very soon they make the payment for you now you all have you can't change your taxi policy to change the exchange you don't know how many details
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have those interest conflict group of the drivers who are buying the medallion looked at the guy that be behind driving he get a free medallion from our agency the agency goes to a member of whatever brings to you, you eat it you eat it you are no longer making it the mode of member that's all >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for a having mayor edwin lee me. i'm security officer with mooney started in 1998 and also a member and our brothers and sisters are here please stand up we want to thank you for listening to our concerns and working with us to make sure
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that our standards are preserved for the future for the last decade we've been fighting to raise the standards of security and having a working wage to support our families and we like to thank you for that >> thank you. thank you we're glad our colleagues are here as well >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. good afternoon. my name is it paulette i'm also a member of s lc i u the workers west i currently work at two muni sites when i enjoy very much i want to take the time to thank mta director reiskin for listening to our concerns because it's difficult to live live in san francisco i make $14 an hour and
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it's not easy having 4 day's work, however, i appreciate the mta listening to our concerns >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) mary will be the last speaker. >> good afternoon, sir. >> thank you for having me, i'm harvey i'm an armed security officer working in the muni for the last 8 plus years. and i can pretty much represent the 20 officers armed division first of all, we would like to thank mr. edward reiskin and our major concern our standard of living are not effected if there's indeed a transition we
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look forward to working with mr. edward reiskin and anyone else that is involved in the processed and we can sure you the quality of service whether be outstanding as it has been that's it >> say i want to echo would everything else said. >> (calling names) the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> thank you very much i want to echo officer kim's speech i think that was very accurate there are tmc devastating the taxi economy i see taxis drivers that work thirty years and now working actually 4 or 5 in the morning a make ends meet theirs using apps in a taxi manner i'm
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sure you're aware of there's a t pack appeal that the puc made that the use of apples and oranges is prereplacement as opposing sides opposed to making it on demand lift say they over only on demand service i can't imagine losing the appeal fred wrote the report a couple of months ago and encouraged the city attorney to join e pack i hope the city attorney asked dennis herrera to look at this and two days before the puc took jurisdiction over the vehicles had a letter of support it would be much better if the city had jurisdiction then you could control the numbers and it might
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well be you need two thousands of those vehicles to augment the transportation needs of city but you're driving down the industry f that will collapse you saw what michael peavy did. and i'll have to wait till the next meeting to finish >> thank you. mary i'd like to address some media remarks ward's with regards to the pulling out of the taxi market unless code enforcement is enforced why should the industry pay the fees in their polluting our environment and using our
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infrastructure if that's our answer to why their double parking i don't know how many are empty but i know thousands the san franciscans rely an taxis to take them to the doctor and the blood bank and the director to look at that if they leave the taxi business she's dead one thing wrong and cab companies are not accepting medallions i'm surprised she thinks they can transfer to other companies that's simply not the case and the macarter necessary concert the plan was eagle son in and out and pick up the folks why does the police not allow us to use that corridor while hundreds of concertgoers they were told
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to disperse or walk or take a bus because there's no taxis they were strand and to public was steadier towards taking the transportation uber's and small business sometime it is more than their plane tickets to get back to the hotels we need to work for the future of special events the taxis have to serve the public. >> that's the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> next item. >> directors to our consent calendar calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items
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directors director rubke has asked for item 57 to be severed. >> so there's a motion on is consent calendar minus 2.5 all in favor, say i. opposed? number 5 we need to be recused. >> yes. i'll ask to be recused. >> is there another motion to allow director rubke to be recused all in favor, say i. opposed? your recused. so then item 5 is there a motion on this one >> motion to approve. >> any further discussion all in favor, say i. opposed? so ordered a with the conclusion of the consent calendar i have 11 to authorize the director to have this reconditioning term of
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the steps to supply the rehabilitation and to rehabilitate the remainder of trucks up to 71 light vehicles not to exceed million dollars and expend the contract no matter than november 18th no member of the public wishes to speak. >> yes. this is a request for a administration of a contract that we're using to rehabilitate our light rail vehicles the original contract was rehabilitating the doorsteps system the vehicles as well as the trucks which the the under carriage the vehicles in short the work on the trucks and other aspects of rehabilitation like wiring has been effective with the doors and steps has been
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less so, so what is amendment allows us to shift the money so we can stop doing the doors work and doing more of the trucks work we have some funding already identified and this contract whether allow 80 us to shift the funding be identified to got or - upgrade. >> is there a motion and second. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? the i's have it. >> item 13 discussion for closed session. >> is there a second.
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you. >> the attorneys voted unanimously to settle the case the board talked about the anticipation of the - directors item 15 for the disclosed or not disclosed and discussion and that concludes our business. >> we're adjourned. >> oh, in record time that was a 5 minute master meeting. >> you can check onless next meeting. our next meeting
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>> just a few steps away from union square is a quiet corner stone of san francisco's our community to the meridian gallery has a 20-year history of supporting visual arts. experimental music concert, and also readings.
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>> give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day. and lead us not into temptation to often on weekdays. [laughter] >> meridians' stands apart from the commercial galleries around union square, and it is because of their core mission, to increase social, philosophical, and spiritual change my isolated individuals and communities. >> it gives a statement, the idea that a significant art of any kind, in any discipline, creates change. >> it is philosophy that attracted david linger to mount a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first
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consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an inch thick. >> it took about two years to get it down. i would say i lose 30% of the pieces that i made. something happens to them. they cracked, the break during the process. it is very complex. they fall apart. but it is worth it to me. there are photographs i took 1 hours 99 the former soviet union. these are blown up to a gigantic images. they lose resolution. i do not mind that, because my images are about the images, but they're also about the idea, which is why there is text all over the entire surface. >> marie in moved into the mansion on powell street just five years ago. its galleries are housed in one of the very rare single family
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residences around union square. for the 100th anniversary of the mansion, meridian hosted a series of special events, including a world premiere reading by lawrence ferlinghetti. >> the birth of an american corporate fascism, the next to last free states radio, the next-to-last independent newspaper raising hell, the next-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own
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programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances.
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♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music, compositions that are innovative, experimental, and sometimes challenging. sound art is an artistic and event that usually receives short shrift from most galleries because san francisco is musicians have responded by showing strong support for the programming. ♪ looking into meridian's future, she says she wants to keep doing the same thing that she has been doing since 1989.
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to enlighten and disturbed. >> i really believe that all the arts have a serious function and that it helps us find out who we are in a much wider sense than we were before we experienced that work of art. ♪ >> hi, my name is jamie hooper. in this episode, we are featuring the romantic park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find
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your heart in san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog lovers. it is as old as its neighbor and both have a significant forest, a refreshing retreat from urban life. the pass that meander we do under a canopy of 0, redwood, pine, and eucalyptus. chill out and this environment and you might see butterflies and dandelions. blue jays fly between the eucalyptus. it is ada accessible.
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public transit is plentiful. six, 24, or 71 bus. we have conquered the steps, we walked the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view the park has to offer. this is the place to take someone special and enjoyed a beautiful look out. " come to corona heights, located in the heart of this district. it offers a spectacular view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. the park is one of the best kept secrets. unlike twin peaks, it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. hop on a 37 bus to get there with that any parking worries. locals can bring their dogs to run with other dogs. there is also grass for small dogs.
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>> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place for the city to provide these kind of parks. the dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice the wildflowers on the grassland. and keep your head on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. take your camera and be prepared to review the city in a way you will not forget. it is prominent with beautiful formations that are perfect to watch the sunrise from the east over the bay. this is another one of our great look out. we are at mount davidson. it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco, 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. enjoy all of the pathways,


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